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Indrani Bosques del Zar *ES

Indrani Bosques del Zar *ES

Female Norwegian Forest, black tortie with white.
Genotipe proposed
aa - BB - CC- Dd - EE - gg - ii - ll - mm - mcmc - Oo - RR - ReRe - spsp - tt - wsw - wbwb
EMS Code
NFO f 09
Date of Birth:
13rd July 2014 (13/06/2014).
Sire/Father Dam/Mother
Lòkahi Eidolon *ES Hanoï du Vent du Nord *BE
Pictures Pedigree
Galeria paw peds


PK-Def: NORMAL/NEGATIVE N/N (June 2015).  Ani DPK
HCM: Cooming soon.  
PKD: Cooming soon.  
 FIV, FeLV:  Negative. (January 2015) Ani Felv FIV

Physical.- She is a Norwegian Forest very robust and heavy, her bone structure is very strong, has a long body, large round paws. Has a good round head with high forehead, her chin is strong and has a very straight profile. The ears are properly sited, although we know that is still young and can go down more throughout the developmentthey are small as much as we like the classic lines we seek. It has a good eye shape, well placed and the color is yellowish green. Its color is solid black tortie with white, and has a warmth in the red color that captivates us. For our liking could have a longer tail, but with our males that aspect is more than compensated.

Behavior.- As a good tortie is mischievous and peppy. She is very sociable and outgoing, has excellent behavior for shows, she allowed to manipulate her and is quiet, sweet. Loves brushing, she will she seeks itself the brush and puts to you the face to combs, the shower and dryer is already something siferent ...;). It is very glutton, but also flirty.






Exposición Internacional 100x100 Mascota del Club Felino de Madrid. Ifema, Madrid CFM

24th may 2015

Mrs. Eleonora Ruggiero (Italy) Exc 1 + NOM + BOS WCF
    Exc 1 + NOM  

Exposición Bestial, Mundial WCF Reus, ASFEC.

8th March 2015

 Mr. Antonello Bardella

 Exc 1 + NOM

(Young category
6-10 months)


Exposición Bestial, Mundial WCF Reus, ASFEC.

7th March 2015

Mrs. Aneliesse Hackmann
 Exc 1
(Young category
6-10 months)




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