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Our kittens are for us the most important, for this reason, future owners have to accept these conditions:

  • The kittens will leave for their new homes at 14 weeks of age, approximately , not before.
  • Kittens who are going for pet are delivered sterilized, if it is impossible at 14 weeks of life, the delivery of kitten will be delayed. The pedigrees of pet cats have breeding restrictions.
  • A booking be held for the kitten is not delivered to another adoptive, booking will be deducted from the final fee (veterinary fees and maintenance) to adopt the kitten.
  • The kittens will be vaccinated twice tetraalent before delivery , and if the kitten up outside Spain , have the rabies vaccine if required by the destination country.
  • Delivered with its immunization record and /or European passport.
  • All kittens have chipped at 12 weeks of age , the name of the chip must be changed by the adopter at their place of residence.
  • Kittens take a good health certificate, signed and sealed by a licensed veterinarian until two days before delivery Kitten health. If designed a delivery day , and the vet does not certify their good health , delivery will be postponed until it is certified.
  • Adopters will receive a copy of the test health of the parents.
  • Our kittens are delivered with FIFe pedigree , through the Viking Cat Club The club belongs to Felis Britannica , UK. Or failing that, TICA Blue Slip. There is the possibility of obtaining the pedigree of WCF, uniquely numbered, thanks to Balear Cat Club.
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  • Our kittens are accompanied by an assignment agreement / adoption signed by both parties , in which there is a series of conditions that both must fulfill.
  • Our kittens are accompanied by a welcome kit.
  • Our kittens are hand delivered , either coming to pick them up, or traveling us to their homes , with a premium for delivery.
  • We will not give kittens to homes that have not protected the windows and / or terraces, balconies, or lookouts with networks.
  • Practice the cat DECLAWING (amputation of the last fagale of the finger) or TENOTOMY (cutting the flexor tendon of the clutches) is prohibited.
  • We will always be available for any questions, advice, questions or comments for adopters.
  • We want to be in contact with new families for all life, kittens are part of our family and we will never forget them.
  • We reserve the right to refuse delivery of agreed kitten at any time before the final delivery of the kitten, in that case, the full amount of the booking will be refunded .
  • If the future adopter backing down in the adoption of kitten once the reservation is made, we reserve the right to decide whether this is returned.

Kittens for Breeding

  • We will not give kittens for breeding if you are not in possession of a cattery name , or otherwise failing or pending in any of the international cat associations and being members of any of the existing clubs.
  • Adopters will receive a copy of the health test of the parents, especially the test GSDIV, plus all those who have made to date.
  • The white kittens for breeding be accompanied by a certificate signed and sealed by a licensed veterinarian that the kitten is not suffering deafness.
  • The future breeder must meet a set of related to what we understand as the breeding characteristics, so you should understand that we will have many questions to ask and know a little better before taking that decision to cede a kitten to join yours cattery.
  • Reserves before breeding kittens at 8 weeks old kitten will not be accepted , since it is at that moment when they can begin to see in them the future characteristics.

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