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IC. Buda Bosques del Zar *ES

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IC. Buda Bosques del Zar *ES

Male Norwegian Forest, black silver tabby spotted with white.
Proposed genotype
Aa - BB - CC - Dd - EE - Ii(¿II?) - ll - Mcmc - oy - Spsp - tt - wsw - ¿Wb?wb
EMS Code:
NFO ns 09 24.
Date of Birth
30th August 2015
Sire/Father Dam/Mother
As Bosques del Zar *ES Ponemolis Bublebee *SE
Pictures Pedigree
Gallery paw peds


PK-Def:  NORMAL/NEGATIVE N/N (June 2015).  Buda DPK
HCM: Cooming Soon.  
PKD: Cooming Soon.  
 Negative. (January 2015) Buda Felv FIV

Physical.- Buda is a massive, big, strong, robust and very muscular cat. Has a good head, a good triangle, well aligned and positioned ears, are not excessively long, as with the "classic look" that we like. The forehead is high and rounded. His expression is beautiful and wild, his eyes are piercing, yellow-green color, it has an intense looks of Norwegian. His chin is strong and lacks pinch. It has a strong legs, which can be found between the toes hair sticking characteristic in this breed. Its tail is long and populated. Hair has a very good quality, despite being silver, and also has a very dense and populated mantle. Highlights its silver color, because it is a high quality silver, which gives a very cool color. Just have rufisme in the nose, is almost imperceptible.


We are quite pleased to have Buda for our breeding program, since in him we have French lines as well worked with Stang ar Voud other Czech as Blue Tanis, Polish and Makaranta, Danish as Felis Audax, Swedish as Vimmerskogen's, Myselisia's or Animaniac's and German as av Tyssedal.


Once, when Buda was only 1.5 years, a judge even said that development of him was like 4-5 years old, so we know he is fast developing at this age weigh more than 6 kilos, but actually it exceeded 7 and had to be put on a diet until it reaches its ideal weight.


Behavior.- He is cuddly and quietin addition to an entire seductive. He can not resist the female company with them is very talkative and solicitous. He is quite gluttonous, so it is necessary to make him run and play and control his weight.






Exposición Bestial, Mundial WCF Reus, ASFEC.

8th March 2015

 Mr. Antonello Bardella
 C.A.C.I.B.  WCF

Exposición Bestial, Mundial WCF Reus, ASFEC.

7th March 2015

Mrs. Aneliesse Hackmann
 C.A.C.I.B.  WCF

Exposición de Narbonne 2015. Amobs star

25th January de 2015

Mrs Sandra Liccardi
Exc 1 (C.A.C.I.B.) LOOF

Exposición de Narbonne 2015. Amobs star

24th January 2015

 Mrs. Véronique Sangin
Exc 1 (C.A.C) LOOF
Expo Gato. Mundial Club Felino de Madrid (C.F.M.)
16th November 2014
 Mr. Prof. Massimo Picardello
Exc 1 (C.A.C)
Expo GatoGato. Mundial Club Felino de Madrid (C.F.M.)
15th November de 2014
Mrs. Laura Ghrimoldi 
Exc 1 (C.A.C)
Exposición Internacional Felina de Reus 2013 (A.S.F.E.C)
9th February 2014

 Mr. Daniel Counasse

Exc 1
(Cat. Jóvenes 6-10) 
Exposición Internacional Felina de Reus 2013 (A.S.F.E.C)
8th February 2014
 Mr. Wojciech-Albert Kurkowski 
 Exc 1
(Cat. Jóvenes 6-10)


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Buda Bosques del Zar *ES

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