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Tortie males at NFO. Studying pedigrees

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Released: 18/02/2015. Updated: 29/04/2015. Translated: 29/04/2015.

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We thought it appropriate to make a more detailed analysis of the existing tortie lines currently studying Norwegian Forest. We rely on knowledge of Sarah Hartwell about feline genetics, in addition to the we have have acquired over time, either biology and human genetics that began in Secondary Education courses to specific genetic or feline genetics through the courses we have done: (Useful Genetics, Part 1seful Genetics, Part 1, and Useful Genetics, Part 2 of the University of British Columbia, by Dr. Rosemary Redfield and e-lerning methodology, and G1 and G1 of Paw Peds).

At the article: Tortie Males have added a number of cases of tortie males appearing in Norwegian Forest lines. Is reached the conlcusión that the cat novice or foundation carried in her genes that tortie males appear in litters was Maxie, and many of them are fertile, but has not made a detailed explanation of the conclusions we have.

He began looking into several cases, first Arin Bosques del Zar *ES 1  to its current owner needed information about tortie males and started our investigation. In the pages of Sarah Hartwell we found several cases, such as the Patchouli and Neroli D'Abelia * FR 2 , After searching the internet, we find S * Tigressan's Ulton 3

, we continue with Trippel, item 4, of Sarah Hawrtell, and so we saw that there was a tortie male line coming of this specimen. Thanks to our friends Luismi and Nuria from Las Meigas *ES, we heard about the existence of Torvmyra's Super Spot Blue, as they have in their cattery Jaima de las Meigas *ES, 5th generation in this tortie male was this ancestor. Second Ana y Emilio of the cattery Rivendell's Land *PT they said they had recently been born in theis cattery a tortie male Lugdush de Rivendell's Land *PT, and finally, thanks to our friends Luismi and Nuria from Las Meigas *ES, we were told about the existence of Nick on Fire, of Brigit Lintl of the cattery Bjørnpote *De.

With these starting points, the only way to know what they had in common these tortie males was going back in their pedigrees. Tripell was the oldest tortoise male, born in 1983, after the other: Torvmyra's Super Spot Blue was born in 1990, S * Tigressan's Ulton born in 1999 and Patchouli and Neroli d'Abelia * FR born in 2001. Then we had a chronological jump very large until 2014, both as Lugdush Arin were born in 2014, and Nick on Fire on 2015. We know the lines Tigressan's pretty good, as our Orbea Artemisa *De comes from Tigressan's lines, and checking pedigrees, we could see as Ulton and Arin had matches. Arin comes from Artemisa *De (his father is the son of two Artemisa * DE), and therefore also the Tigressan's lines. So we started looking at the similarities between Ulton and Arin, and this is what we found:

ulton pedigree
Ulton pedigree (Click on image to view larger).

arin pedigree
Arin pedigree. Click on the image to enlarge it.

You can see how both have in common Gomorran`s King Kreolé *SE. Since both are males tortie, we should think that the point of union between the two is this specimen. Ana y Emilio warned us that Lugdush King Kreole also was in his pedigree. In addition, we decided to see if others had tortie males we knew this male in his lines. For Patchouli and Neroli D'Abelia * Fr what also was, in addition third generation. It was after they had several tortie males King kreole in its lines, four to be exact, there were too many coincidences not to think that this male could carry some factor that produces tortie males.

With this, we decided to see if Trippel, Super Spot Blue and King kreole had something in common, because they were older. We started analyzing the pedigrees:


trippell pedigree
Trippel Pedigree (Click on the image to enlarge).

king kreole pedigree
Pedrigree King Kreole (Click on the image to enlarge).

super spot blue pedigree
Pedigree Super Spot Blue. (Click on the image to make it larger).

We found that in all three there is a match, the three descended from the two offspring of the cat novice/foundation Maxie; Moshe Løvetangens and Monty Løvetangens. With this we can conclude that the cat Maxie foundation, or hers unknown couple, are the origin of this tortie males lines.


Once we had the pedigrees of cats identified, we perform a reverse search seed "Reverse" of each. Finding this:



At 2nd generation: Trippel, NFO f 09 23, from his son Løvetangens Moeshe.

At 4th generation: Holgersson's Orpheo, NFO f 23, from his sonLøvetangens Monty

At 5th generation: Norsechat Golden Prince, M, NFO fs 09 21, from his son Løvetangens Monty.




Super Spot Blue:


King Kreole:


With this study we do not mean that these are the only tortie males that exist into lines of the NFO, for example, there Zimexis Caleb Marie Mandrake NFO g 09 2, which it is a blue tortie male who comes Kreole King's sister; *S Gomorrans Karanda. The knowledge of the existence of this male (thanks to Ana Morais, breeder with Luis Mateus Shadow Eyes *PT, it also showed us D* Solaris De-La-Platiada), He made us realize that King Kreole had a sister looking at the pedigree of Zimexis Caleb Marie Mandrake, and she may have other tortie male descendants why not ?, so we started to look at her offspring, and this is what we found:



At 4th generation: Powerful's Anakin Skywalker NFO fs 09 23. 

At 4th generation: Gismo 00-96NFO g 09.

At 5th  generation Zimexis Caleb Marie Mandrake, NFO g 09 22.

At 6th ·generation: Highlander's Claudette, NFO fs 09 23. 

At 7th generation: Magaris JuninhoNFO f 09 24. 

At 7th generation: Animaniac's Just Because, NFO f 24, 2008. 

At 7th generation: Sir Percival dei Gatti Vikinghi, NFO f 23. (you can see a picture of him)


And we even have some descendant of King Kreole and Karandra at once:

Nick on Fire Bjøernpote *De (NFO f 22) is 8th generation of Kinf Kreole, and 7th and 10th generation of Karandra. 


We have seen how some of the tortie males have included not appeared looking in reverse offspring, so we are aware that these are not all tortie males that exist in the NFO lines, are only those who have been able to trace and those who in one way or another we have heared about. All cats to have bred, and are descendants of Maxie could theoretically produce these tortie males. We have not done a detailed study of all of them. Powerful's Anakin Skywalker, NFO fs 09 23, Silver Smoke's Filip, NFO fs 03, born in 2012. There is much work to be done, it would have to check every one of the tortie malesthat appear here and have had offspring to see if they have had other tortie males after in their offspring registered. 

There are probably other cats foundation / novices who have given this kind of males, but we know it.



If anyone knows of any cases of NFO tortie male we have not collected here, I pray to contact me.


© Beatriz Alonso






1. Arin Bosques del Zar *ES.- Arin is a male black tortoise with white (f 09), born in Spain in 2014. The vet been confirmed to have normal male genitalia, but nevertheless have two colors and white of the ws gene currently has 8 months it is developing normally, she has not shown signs of illness or mental problems. Pedigree Paw Peds.

2. Patchouli y Neroli d'Abelia *FR.- In 2001 in the French kennel d'Abelia born a litter of a black silver tortie with white female (NFO fs 09) and blue mackerel tabby with white male, it had two tortie males; Patchouli was black tortie bicolor (NFO f 03) and Neroli a blue tortie with white (NFO g 09), both fertile and with healthy offspring. Pedigree of Patchouli y Neroli in Paw Peds

3. S* Tigressan's Ulton.- Ulton born in 1999 in the cattery S * Tigressan`s. It was creamy silver (es 09 22) at birth, but at its front left leg was blue color spot, which rose to grow, and ended up having foot blue and other blue spots had trouble being registered as colored blue silver tortie blotched with white (NFo gs 09 22). Genetic tests were performed in Uppsala (Sweden). Pedigree in Paw Peds.







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